Simple Tips To Avoid Getting into Debt

How much Could you Save, Invest, Blow and Give if you had no debt

Useful tips to help avoid getting in debt

  1. Get a Job
  2. If you can, avoid borrowing money. Try to stay away from student loans
  3. Avoid credit cards
  4. Save money (at least 10% of you annual income) (check out previous blog on how to save)
  5. Create an emergency fund – this will come in handy for the unexpected like, car repairs
  6. Get a Job. If you are still in high school, get a part-time Job, preferably somewhere you can make overtime

Myth: you need to build credit

Your credit score FICO is an ‘I love debt score’ false measure of wealth. FICO basically shows you how much you have mastered/paid to banks.

Figure out what rich people do to stay rich and mimic it!