FYI!!!! Tips on Scholarship Scams

announcementPBA…public service announcement!!!!!!!!

th19P4U0OJyou should never give out your credit card or, bank account information

thQ9RJ5VVNyou should never give out your social security number    ssn

thQ9RJ5VVNyou should not submit personal information to companies telling you you’ve won when you did not apply

thQ9RJ5VVNyou should not work with companies that guarantee you will win ……btw, no such thing, no one can guarantee you to win any scholarship

thQ9RJ5VVNyou should not provide personal information to organization that does not provide their contact information

thQ9RJ5VVNyou should not have to pay to obtain a list of scholarships

if  you choose to work with a consultant, check them out before spending your money (Certified Public Accountant or Certified Financial Planner)

thQ9RJ5VVNyou should not work with companies that claim they will do ALL the work for you

thQ9RJ5VVNConsultants that refuse to sign legal documents such as FAFSA form (the paid preparer section) – ‘red flag’

thQ9RJ5VVNyou should not participate in seminars that require a fee

if you have doubts, ask questions