Sure Things Career Solutions was created by Audrey Appleby as a vehicle for high school students to gain corporate work experience, and an opportunity for companies to mold future leaders. At STCS we feel the need to create an alliance between high school students and accomplished companies. This will create job opportunities for students while supplying them with a start-up plan for “life after high school.”

Our mission is to provide an avenue that will assist high school students to overcome their economic and environmental challenges through strong work programs. We seek to:

  • Increase career opportunities for teenagers and young adults

  • Matching students and companies together to fill job requisitions, while providing the finest quality service that will support the work relationships.

  • Provide an environment that will teach and encourage students to become outstanding corporate leaders

  • Provide additional marketing resource for companies

  • Provide fresh new ideas to companies

Sure Thing Career Solutions is a new emerging business with no known competitors. Its vision is to develop and launch a service that will attract companies and students to create a reciprocal working relationship, and provide a return on investors’ contribution.

Sure Thing Career Solutions will develop a wide range of clientele to be able to facilitate student employees with a work environment conducive to their career goals and interests.

Audrey Appleby

Entrepreneur and Founder of Sure Thing Career Solutions, LLC

Born: Port Antonio, Jamaica

Education: Florida International University, English, Liberal Studies, Environmental Studies

Family: 1 child

Career: US Army, 1984 – 1989; Medgar Evers College, 1992 – 1995 Office Assistant; Florida International

University, 1998 – 2011 Coordinator of Facilities; Florida Gulf Coast University, 2011 – , Assistant Director

of Facilities.

Address: Fort Myers, Florida

Over a period of time, Audrey realized she had a passion for helping young people. In the past, she has provided mental support, as well as positive reinforcement to students troubled with either career or personal issues. STCS was established to provide a platform for Audrey to continue helping students while creating working class citizens. Her mission is to offer guidance and support to students with their career path.