Preparing for College

  1. Meet with your school counselor during your freshman year (if there is one, or call our office)
  2. Create a plan for the next four years regarding your education
  3. Create and set goals for your career
  4. Be flexible on your goals; you may decide to change your plans

Research the college that offers your career of interest

  1. Research college degree requirements and work towards achieving those college requirements

Develop a four year school schedule with your counselor (if you have one)

  1. Pinpoint high school courses to take
  2. Sign up for AP classes (only take on what you can manage)


Get involved in extracurricular activities-aside from an education, colleges wants to see you getting involved in school activities

Study hard in every course of each year. Your cumulative GPA (grade point average) is very important for colleges, as each one requires a minimum in order to enter or be accepted


Develop a study habit you can be comfortable with

Get into a study routine

  1. Designate appropriate time for each subject
  2. Take proper notes
  3. Sharpen your listening skills

Your sophomore year is usually the time to start shopping for colleges

  1. Ask questions about what college is like
  2. Ask family members, teachers, pastors, family friends, older sisters and brothers


How are you paying for college?

  1. Check with mom & dad
  2. What are the requirement for applying for Financial Aid
  3. Don’t forget to include the cost for books

Research Scholarship Options

  1. Research grants
  2. Get your parents involved with researching financial options
  3. Speak with counselor and teachers about options



Were you planning on going away to college or stay close to home?

  1. How will you get home for visits?
  2. Are you planning to work?
  3. If you decide to go away will you live on campus or share an apartment with friends?
  4. Will you need a car?

During your junior year participate or schedule college visits with your family

  1. Obtain admission packets
  2. Visit the department of your planned major
  3. Find out what type of activities they have available
  4. At the beginning of your senior year start applying for colleges.
  5. Begin preparing to take the PSAT/ACT/SAT in either your junior or senior year

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