How to Become a Student Entrepreneur

What Do You Like to Do? Do You Have a Great Idea?

  1. Identify the Right Business for you
    1. Can I Make Money

Research Your Idea for the Following Reasons:

  1. Is There a Need?
  2. Can You Make Money?
  3. Who is My Competition?
  4. What Can I Do to Make it Better?


Develop a Plan

  1. Create Different Ways to Go About Selling Your Product or Ideas
  2. Figure Out How Much it Will Eventually Cost You to Start a Business
  3. Where is the Money Coming From?
  4. Evaluate Your Skills, Knowledge and Goals

Know the Market


Create a Budget

  1. Personal
  2. Business

Create a Support Team

  1. Get Your Friends to Help You Scale
  2. Friends Can Help Where You Lack Strength


Marketing You & Not Your Business

  1. Be Good at What You Do Particularly Seeking Capital
  2. Be at the Top of Your Game; Most Investors See You & Not Your Product
  3. Be Prepared to Be Challenged
  4. Be a Leader

Connect with Other Business Owners

  1. Remember You Are Not Alone
  2. Seek a Mentor

Register Your Business, Open Up Shop, and Let’s Get to Work

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